Having listings with registered inventory helps in the routine of relationship with owners and, mainly, provides your inspection team with the necessary information for the verification of the listing during the arrival and departure of guests from your place.

Inventory is a Stays solution for internal operational purposes for your team and the only relationship with the final guest is that some more relevant items will be displayed in the website listings.
For content connection to sales channels, Stays.net counts on amenities!
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To add your Stays.net listing inventory, just follow the path below:

  1. Access the listing page;
  2. Go to the [Content] tab and select the [Rooms] section;
  3. Click on the desired room to add the items;
  4. In the [Room Inventory] section, click on [+Inventory Items];
  5. Fill in the information requested on the screen;
  6. Save the changes made.
Important tips:
- From the [Select] button it is possible to add a photo of the item;
- The "include in checklist" option appears only to users with the "check_inventory" task enabled.
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