Each unit registered on your Stays.net has an iCal link to be sent to partners, with the aim of transmitting the availability of their calendar.
You will be able to send this iCal link to various reservations' platforms or even integrate calendars between your Stays.net listings, for example, a house that also rents out rooms.

To find this link, just follow the path below:

  1. Access your Stays.net listing page;
  2. On the [Distribution] tab, click on the [iCal] option;
  3. In the [iCal Link of This Listing] section, simply click on the copy icon next to the link;
  4. Go to your partner's portal and paste this link in the place indicated by them.
In this type of connection, Stays.net is only responsible for generating the content of the iCal link, however the time to import your calendar information into the platform where you sent your calendar is the responsibility of the platform.

Now that you already know how to find the iCal link for your listings to export information, how about checking out more related topics?