Stripe is an international payment channel that has as main proposals the simplification of processes, credibility in transactions and global integration in transactions. Having Stripe as a payment option on the site makes your page internationally capable of receiving Online Booking, since Stripe is a channel active in 25 countries and widely used by foreigners. In addition, it is known to have lower rates than competitors, has simple user interfaces and the transfer of values to the bank account is done in 01 week after the transaction.

What do I need to register for Stripe?

Stripe accepts both Individuals and Legal entities for the creation of an account, however it is necessary that you have a Bank Account and Proven Residence in the affiliated countries of Stripe. Check here the list of 25 countries with use available for Stripe. Brazil is one of the countries in the queue to enter the list, but today only a Beta version of the tool is available and this depends on some intermediation done together with the Channel.

What are the features available from the Stays and Stripe connection?

The advantage of Stripe is that your site will have compatibility for credit card transactions for multiple currencies, making it easier for your foreign guest to close Reservations directly through your page, as well as having a friendly checkout where the user is not redirected to another page . In addition, Stripe is compatible with our typed sales feature.

How to get the Stripe API keys?

After completing your registration with Stripe, you will have an administrative panel where you can access the API Keys that, along with the email of your account (your login), will be the information necessary to configure the channel in your system. For this, just access here the tutorial produced by Team Stripe and you will get your keys.

Just follow the path below:

1. Access your Stripe portal;
2. Find on the left side the "API Keys" option;
3. Observe whether the displayed API keys are the "test" or "live" mode. We will need to put it to "live" if necessary;
4. Click on "reveal live key token";
5. Save the "publishable key" and "secret key" data to configure the channel in Stays.