Technical tasks can be activated or deactivated on the App Center of your system, on [App Center > Others > Technical tasks].

Technical tasks are the activities performed by your team for the maintenance of listings and general administrative routines. Check recurring questions.

How are technical tasks created?

You can only do it manually. You can create it either through the [Task Center] or through the main menu on the system by clicking on [+] and then on [Create task]

How to create classification for technical tasks? 

When creating a manual task, you must enter the type. It's necessary to register the types of tasks on the [Catalog > Auxiliaries > Technical Task Classification] menu before starting to create the tasks.

How to manage technical tasks?

By [Task Center] or by [Technical Dashboard].

How to monitor old technical tasks?

On [Tasks > Task Center].

Can I remove technical tasks?

No, you can't. In this case, you must close a task instead of solving it. 

How to enter the name of an employee on the technical tasks dashboard? 

All users with the [Maintenance tasks] linked to their login show up on the panel. Therefore, select this option on the desired user