As you may have already seen on our blog, a good way to get and keep owners in your business is transparency with them. 

To help with this process, our system counts on an owner extranet that you will be able to adjust according to your transparency policy and in this article we will show you some details about an essential part of the trust process in this relationship: accountability.

How do I generate the items that will be displayed on the website?Items will be generated as you go through your routine of transferring reservations and posting - and paying - bills under the responsibility of the owner. compiles this information and already displays some of it in the owner's panel.
How do I provide access to owners?To make your owners able to access this area of the website, it is necessary that you have enabled the user for them and have made the link between them and your listings.SEE DETAILS
How will owners access the panel on my website?After you have enabled their user correctly, they will need to log in to your website and, upon clicking on their name, they will have more options than a normal guest.
There will be the [My Accounting] and [Confirmed Reservations] sections for them to access.
Can I restrict some reservation information to owners?Yes, it is possible to set the visibility of some reservation information on the owner's extranet.
There is an option to adjust this within the [Settings > Owner Settings] menu.
Is there another area besides accountability on the owners' extranet?Yes. In addition to the accountability area, there is an area about the reservation calendar, where owners will be able to make requests, consult net prices and other additional actions.SEE DETAILS

For an overview of existing features in the owners' extranet, see the video below: