A good way to capture and maintain owners with your business is being transparent with them.

To help with this process, our system has the Owner Extranet that you can adjust according to your transparency policy and in this article we will show you some details about an essential part of the trust process in this relationship: Accountability.

How can the Owner access his panel?

After you have created a user with your landlord and have named him or her as Owner of a property, he or she will have access, upon accessing the site, to a few additional components in the site menu after logging in:

By clicking on one of the options, it will have access to its own panel with the information inherent to each screen. In our article we will focus on the options [My Accounting] and [Confirmed Reservations].

The Owner's My Accounting screen

The Accounting screen will serve for your Owner to check all the expenses cleared over a period and the incoming revenues, as well as to see the indicators of expenses and total revenues from the beginning of the partnership with your business.

On the left side of the screen, you can filter the information you want to see by period and from there the following information is generated:

  • Lifetime Debit, Credit and Balance: This is the sum of all records referring to the Transfer made in the accommodation, from the first to the last. It serves to show the Owner how much he has already won with the partnership.
  • Debit: Will show the owner the amounts to be deducted from his balance in the cycle for the selected period. Debits will be debited by the launching of accounts payable under the responsibility of the Owner, charge of personal use of the accommodation and also the amounts that have already been paid to him in order to generate the balance.
  • Credit: Possible receipt postings by the Owner and, mainly, the revenue on the Onlendings. Credits will begin to be presented to the Owner from the time you post payments on the Onlend in question, that is, the basis for generating the credits are the postings that appear on the Product Accounting screen.
  • Balance: The value resulting from the cycle of the selected period. The ideal is to have the value zero over the periods, since it indicates that all payments have already been made.

The Confirmed Reservations from the Owner's Extranet screen

The Confirmed Reservations screen will present to the Owner a projection of values that he has to receive on the Reservations. When you initiate the Reserve Transfer, it automatically get to the Owner's payment list and the status of the Owner will change as you post the Transfer payments on the system. Let's look at an example:

The total amount to be passed on to the Owner is R$ 414,86 as specified in the first step of the Pass-Through of Reserves, so if we had not released any payments, the screen would have as Pending the total amount and this payment would have "open status".

As we have already released R$ 150.00 for payment to the Owner, this value is listed and the Transfer is with the status "pending." Upon completion of the remaining R$ 264,86, the status of that payment will become "complete."

Through the "details" option the Owner can obtain more details about the Reservation in question:

Fields highlighted in red can decide whether or not they can be displayed. If you want to know more about it, click the link below:

Click here to know about Information available to the Reservations Owner.

The Owner Booking Calendar screen

Although the main use of the screen is to present to the Owner the occupied periods and thus facilitate the process of scheduling of accommodation uses by the Owners, the screen may also serve for the Owner to check details of the Reservation and Payments made (same function the Payment Control screen, but within the Calendar). By clicking on Reservations in the blue color of the calendar, the Owner will also see the same interface as above:

It is important to note that this is only possible from the moment you begin the process of Passing the Reserve. Prior to this, the Reserve will be in yellow on the Owner's Reservation Calendar, which is a Reservation to be confirmed (regardless of its commercial status with your Reservation Center).


How can an Owner who has multiple accommodations on the system be able to view the information?

To make the information visualization more organized, we will only report on a specific accommodation in the module "Accounting", so it is enough to make the Accommodation filter in the search interface and you can access the information of each product. Already in the screen "Payment Control" it can generate the report with Reserves of different accommodations.

My Owner is unable to see all the accommodations on his panel. Why?

There is a good possibility of being by the fact that he is not as the owner of the accommodation he wishes to see. In this case, it is valid to review in the "Settings of the Contract" who is the Owner of the accommodation.

Click here to find out more about checking accommodation owners!

I just want to show details of bookings and transfers in Accounts screens and not in the Bookings Calendar. Can I do this in the system?

Yes. All you have to do is disable the landlord.front.prices permission of the Owners function and the Owner will not have the Reservation details when clicking on the Calendar's green and blue Booking Calendar. If you would like to learn more about this and other changes to the Owner's Extranet, please click the link below:

Click here to see about Owner's Extranet Features!

Will My Owners be able to issue Reports on this information via the site?

So far they will be able to export the screen information in an Excel Worksheet by clicking the buttons below in the "Accounting" and "Confirmed Reservations" screens:

Soon you will also be able to issue a PDF version.