When initiating the process of Transfer of Reserves you can post both the credits and debits of the Balance of their owners and, if you pay in installments the amounts to them, you must control in an organized way how much is missing in each Reserve. For this, our tool presents some options to help you:

The Find Booking screen

The simplest way to check the status of a Reserve is the [Reserve Central> Find Booking] screen. From there it is possible to filter the reserves according to the Status of Transfer. Let's check the status of the Onlendings:

  • not forwarded: They are Reserves without any mention of Transfer of Reserves, that is, there are no records in the Owner's portal and there is nothing on the Product Accounting screen;

  • Pending payments: These are Reserves that have had the value of the Owner already defined and some part of the value was informed as credit for him. Once you confirm the amount to be remitted to the Owner, even if you have not registered any credit to the Owner, the Reservation will be confirmed to the owner and will remain as a pending receipt for the Owner on his portal.

  • Forwarded: These are Reserves that have had their total value posted to the Product Accounting screen as a credit to the Owner and are in the line for the payment of the Financial sector of your business or that, in fact, have already been paid to the Owner.

To do the research, simply locate the filter on the left side and choose the period and accommodation, as well as other fields of your interest:

The Booking Page

Another point that indicates the status of the Transfer is the Reservation Page. In addition to the released payments, the system will present the status of the Transfer through the color of the "Foward" button.

The "white" color button means that you have not yet started your Transfer so no revenue has been reported to the Owner on his extranet. The orange button indicates that the Reserve Owner's total credit is already available on his extranet but there is still a need to post payment credits to the Owner on the system. And finally, the green button indicates that the total amount of the Owner's credit is already posted to the Product Accounting screen and you only have to verify that your Owner has already been paid for the existing credits on the Reservations.


How do I start a Repost on my system?
The Transfer of Reserves can be initiated through a manual and an automatic flow. Manual flow is recommended when beginning to use the tool in order to align settings, check behaviors, and ensure that the Transfer process is ok. The automatic flow is indicated to advanced users of the Financial Module and who already know the logic of transfers of our tool.
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How does each Transfer submit to the Owner, according to the status we have seen in the article?

In general, open transfers on your tool signifies to the Owner only a lock in the accommodation (Unconfirmed Reserve), since the Pendings or Fowarded transfers already present to them the total credit and how much you have already posted to the system during the Transfers routine . To learn more, take a look at the link below:
Click here to see more details about Transfer status!

Can I hide information from the Owner on his extranet?
Normally we recommend users to be as transparent as possible, but if you want to hide some information you can define what it can see about Reserve information or even whether or not it can view extranet resources. See the links below for more information:
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