The registration of owners through the website is basically the same process as a normal visitor to your page, and you can have two forms of registration:

The registration as a website user

The registration for the real estate broker sector
In this case, the owner can make their registration by finding the [Login] button on the right side of the screen:
Upon enabling the [Advertiser Panel] area dedicated on the website to the visitation requests, it is necessary to activate in [App Center] in the [Advertisers Menu] section.

After the click, select the option to register a new account and fill in the information.

After activated, a button is created in the menu of your website where the owners can leave their information and photos of the listings.

After the action it is necessary that you make the adjustment so that they are, properly, owners in your database.
Upon finding the user in the [Search] field, click on [Permissions] and on [Owner Permissions] click on [YES] to make them a owner.

By doing this you will also have access to the feature settings available for editing; configure the information that the owner will have access to on the extranet.

If you want to rely on the list of owners only for your internal control, without granting access to information to them, we recommend that you manually register your contacts.
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