Once you have set up the Weekend Rates on your system, it's time to put your rates along your Seasons and Events rate structure!

Here we will give you some tips on how to do this.

Seasons and Events Rate Setup

If during your configuration you have checked the "Enable" option, each Season and Event of your system, you will have a space like this below to mark your settings:

The process is quite simple: you mark the days of the week where you want to increase the daily amount and in the field below, you put the percentage above the base value of your daily rates.

Accommodation Fee Setup

For this type of configuration there are three situations. See below:

Each list has a different setting

In this case, the simplest is to enable the edition of the rates per list and so you can adjust to each Season and Event of your accommodations. When you do this, it is important to check the "Sale Prices" tab of the accommodation page and in the general pricing settings you enable the feature!

I work with patterns, but in some cases have a percentage difference

If you apply different rates per accommodation in the same Season or Event, check the "Enable" option when setting the rates in the system and when accessing the page of your accommodation in the Season or Event do this:

1) Check the "Individual" option to open the option to set % in the weekend rate;
2) Choose the percentage and do not forget to save!

Important: If you work at this way, you will be able only to adjust % of rate individually per accommodation.
If you want to edit fee charging days, please adjust it via Seasons setup screen.

I use the same rate pattern for all accommodations and the same percentage

In this case you just have to enable the weekend rate on your system, adjust the structure in your Seasons and Events and just remember to set the amount of your daily rates on the pages of your accommodation.


When setting a day of the week, what does the system do?
The system will understand that at night from that day to the next, you must apply the rate that you set on the base value of your daily rate.

I want to apply an addition to my rates during the weekend of the season. What days should I book?

You must mark Friday (overnight from Friday to Saturday) and Saturday (overnight from Saturday to Sunday).

Does the weekend rate also apply to Promotion amounts?
No. During the Promotions registration process, the final value of the period that prevails is always what you entered, so any fees, such as the weekend, do not enter the calculation. Want to know more about Promotions? Click the link below:

Click here to know more about Promotions Settings!

I can not seem to find the setting of weekend rates in my accommodations or Seasons. What can I do?

First check if this feature is enabled in the general settings of your system. Click here to take a look at this!
If you do not find the settings panel for your system, please let our Support know and we will enable it by another way.