The integration of with PayPal will allow you to make reservations on the website through international credit payments processed directly on the PayPal page.

Check the table below for the main information about the integration between and PayPal.

Additional Material
Do you have any restrictions to integrate with the channel?The registration process is simple and it is possible to have an account with only the ID.
The only condition for integration is that your account is of the business model.
What PayPal technical information do I need to integrate with will need to get the API key from your PayPal account to enter it on
API key is composed of the fields: user, password e signature.
How will PayPal work on the website?By choosing the PayPal option, your guest will be taken to a PayPal area and then return to your website.SEE DETAILS
What responsibility does have in relation to transactions carried out on the channel? works in the integration of the interface between the platforms, but the validation or not of the data provided by the guest is the sole responsibility of PayPal.SEE DETAILS

Now that you know the main information about the channel, how about going ahead and configuring PayPal on your