Stays Alliance is a partnership tool developed in order to offer users more business alternatives, whether in relation to portfolio growth, advertisement in more sales channels and other important actions for the growth of your brand in the market.

To facilitate your understanding, we have separated a table below with the most frequently asked questions from our users:

What do I get with Stays Alliance?Stays Alliance serves different business profiles and the benefits vary between each type.
In fact, the common benefits are portfolio visibility increase or portfolio volume increase.
How to view the list of affiliates?You can view it from the [Channel Managers > Stays Alliance > Affiliates] menu of your DETAILS
How do I set up my Stays Alliance profile?The profile setup is free and can be done through the [Channel Managers > Stays Alliance > Affiliate > Stays Alliance Affiliates] menu.
Just click on the [Profile of my business] section and follow the instructions on the screen.
How to send the listings to a Stays Alliance partner?You must first configure your to make the listings available through the [Channel Managers > Stays Alliance > Outgoing Channels] menu.
Then, go to the [Content] tab and choose which listings you want to make available in the partnership.
How to receive listings from a Stays Alliance partner?In total, there are two steps.
The first is to access the [Channel Managers > Stays Alliance > Incoming Channels] menu and choose how you want to display them in your business.
Then, choose the listings you want to use.
Can I use the Stays Alliance listings to create reservations or offers to the guests?It is possible to manually create reservations for Stays Alliance listings through the [Reservation Center > New Reservation] menu, adding the filter [Show only Stays Alliance products].
Also, when creating offer lists in the [Offer & Promotions > Reservation Offers] menu, you can filter by Stays Alliance products.
Can I connect to partners without using the Stays Alliance integration?In case you want to connect to Stays partners, but without using the Stays Alliance, it is possible to integrate via iCal Connection or Booking Wizard.SEE DETAILS
Are there any additional costs with the tool?Currently, as it is in its beta phase, there are no charges for using the tool.

By default, your you will not have the [Stays Alliance] menu visible, so if you want to proceed with the use of the tool, just contact our team through chat or email ( so that we activate the menu in your account.