To make your listings available, follow the steps below:

Enable your Outgoing Channel

  1. Access [Channel Managers > Stays Alliance > Outgoing Channels] and press the green [+] button;
  2. Define a name for this partnership;
    Tip: Put your name and the name of the partner to facilitate!
  3. Enter your partner's Stays Alliance ID. This information is in the [Afilliates > List of afilliates] menu, in your partner's profile.
    Where to find the ID
    Where to insert the ID
  4. Fill in the rest of the information on the screen, based on the instructions in each field;
  5. Do not forget to save the changes made and activate your channel!;
  6. Access the [Content] tab and choose which listings you want to make available to your partners;
  7. On your side it is done! Now your partner just needs to set up their Incoming Channel to receive your products!
Be sure to do this process, as your partner will depend on it to continue with the Outgoing Channel configuration on their system.

Stays Alliance outgoing channel settings

As you are the owner of the partnership listings, you will be in charge of putting the terms agreed with your partner in the system. 

This information will be available to your partner during the configuration of the Incoming Channel so that they can check the information. 

During this process, you will be asked to fill in the information in the sections below, with the instructions on the screen:

  • Channel Contract Settings;
  • Payment Settings;
  • Service Settings.
Go to the [Content] tab to select your listings that will be sent to the partner.