If you are going to let your accommodations to be shared on other Stays systems you are a "Outgoing" in the Stays Alliance. To configure this, simply do the following steps:

  1. Go to [Stays Alliance> Outgoing Channels] and press the green "+" button;
  2. Define a name for this Partnership;
    Tip: Put your name and the name of the Partner to make it easy!
  3. Enter your partner's ID Stays Alliance. This information is within the affiliate list on your partner's profile. Ex:
  4. Fill in the other information on the screen, based on the instructions in each field;
  5. Do not forget to save the changes you've made and to activate your channel;
  6. Access the "Content" tab and choose which accommodations you want to release to your partners;
  7. On your side, it's okay! Now your partner needs to configure his Incoming Channel to get your products!

Be sure to do this because your partner will depend on this to follow the configuration of the Input Channel in his system.

Stays Alliance Outgoing Channel Settings

Since you own the partnership accommodations, you will be responsible for putting the terms agreed with your partner into the system. This information will be available to your partner during the configuration of the Incoming Channel so that it can check the information.
During this process, these are the required settings:

Contract Settings

They serve as a contract of the commitment made between you and your partnet, and in this section you will find the following options:

  • Period:
    Does the partnership have a deadline or not?

  • Who is the issuer of the lease?
    The lease should be in the name of who owns the accommodation or the partner where the Reserve was closed?

  • Instant Booking?
    Will you authorize your partner to make Instant Booking via his site and system, or do you reserve only for orders?

  • What is the amount commissioned to the booking partner?
    Set a fixed amount or % to be paid to the Partner if the Reserve is made there. This will cause the system to shows your Partner's commission on the prices displayed on its system. He may apply a value beyond yours to form the final price on his website and system.

  • Do you authorize your partner to advertise your products on his site?
    A partnership may cover accommodations only for the partner's Reservation Center team, with no display on the site. If this is your case, check "No" in the option.

  • Do you want to display your Partner Prices?
    By checking "Yes" you will show your partner your pricing and sales figures on your site and system. If you have no secrets in this regard, we recommend that you check "Yes" as this is taken into account when making a partnership.

Payment Settings

They serve to configure the Reservation Guarantee deposit on the site and, mainly, be an informative to your partner regarding payments made. Here are the options:

  • Forms of Payment you accept
    Here you will indicate to your partner what types of payment you accept to pay for the Reservation. This field is for information only to your partner. You can choose Credit Card, Debit Card, Cash, Boleto and Wire Transfer.

  • Reservation Guarantee
    You can set the amount that your partner needs to pay you to secure the Reserve. This value can be in % or an amount.
    We recommend that you put 100%. It avoids the need for the partner to have a "double transfer" for you.

  • Reservation Payment Date
    What date will your partner pay you for the Reservations? You can choose by creation date of the Reserve or by the end of the month receive for all Reserves made in the period. In addition, it is possible to be by check-in date or at the end of the month to receive all reservations with check-in in the period.

Settings on the Reserve Services

  • Check-ins and Check-outs
    You can define who will check in and check out (you or your partner), and indicate the standard IN and OUT times of the Reservations.

  • Pre-check-in Cleaning
    Who will do the cleaning for the arrival of the guests? Are you or your partner?

  • After Check-Out Cleaning
    Who will do the cleaning after guests leave? Are you or your partner?

  • Editing in List descriptions
    You may or may not authorize editing your lists' description by your partners. Mind the edits would only affect the partner's website and would not affect your system.
    We recommend enabling the feature if you have the custom to put the name of your business in your descriptions.

  • Automatic sending of emails
    Defines whether e-mails about the Reservation will be sent automatically or not to the guest.

Do not forget to go to the "Content" tab to select your accommodations that will be free to the partner share. This will be important for him to configure the Incoming Channel on his system. For more information, take a look at the button below:

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