By getting it is common that your owners already have accumulated balances with your business, so you can register an initial balance for each listing, so that your forwarding routine will be aligned.

To make this adjustment, just use our "transactions for owners" feature, so the only impact on your company's cash will be when the owner's balance is closed during accountability.

To post these transactions, you must follow the path below:

  1. Access the menu [Finance > Owner Statements];
  2. Click on the green [New Transaction] button;
  3. Choose the [Transactions for owners] option;
  4. Fill in the transaction screen information, focusing on the owner and related listings;
  5. Click on [Save] after filling in all information.
The [Debit] option means that your owners owe you and the [Credit] option indicates that they have receivables from your company.

After doing this, the next step is to learn the reservation forwarding routine, so that you will be able to register the amounts that the owners will be entitled to receive for each reservation made.