If your business involves Owners and, in addition, there is a rate card set with them for Reservation Forwarding, registering the Owners Price Rules is also required when setting up the rates on Stays.net.

To set up Price Rules, just follow the steps below:

  1. Go to [Catalog > Buy Prices Rules];
  2. Click the green [+ Period] button on the upper right side of the screen;

  3. In the popup, select the [Add Season / Event] option;

  4. Follow the flow of the screen;

  5. Do not forget to save your changes!

As well as the Sell Price Rules, it is possible to apply individual structures per accommodation or different structures for accommodation sets.

Also, if your pricing structure with Owners is the same as that used for Guest pricing, you can import the structure using the [Import from Sell] button.

You will be able to select which Registered Rules you wish to import into your Buy Prices Rules setup.

Once you have set up your Price Rules, be sure to enter the daily rate as well!

How do I register the value of the Owner's daily rates?