To connect your accommodations with Expedia, as well as other stays compatible with sales, it is important that you meet the following items:

  • Have registered accommodations at stays
    Even if you already have lists already registered on the channel you need to register your accommodations on your system!
    see more details here!
  • Pricing Rules for at least the next 12 months
    see more details here!
  • The price of the daily prices already defined in the Price Rules
    see more details here!

From there, you also need to pay attention to some typical Expedia details.

Connection Features

  • will send your pricing and availability information to the accommodation and we will receive from Expedia the Reservations made there;
  • The registration of your lists and rate plans should be done with the Expedia Team on their portal. We will only link the information on during the connection process;
  • Your rates need to be per day pricing and standard to be compatible with Standard rates usually include the letter "s" at the end of the name on Expedia.

Now that you know the basics for Expedia, select your current relationship with this channel to move forward.

I already have account and active lists on Expedia

I do not have an Expedia account yet