The first step to connect with us is to check on your Expedia portal if your contracted plan has the standard rate (s) and the per day pricing model.

Then tell the Expedia Team that Stays will be your Channel Manager. You can do this by emailing As an additional tip, even though they already know, mention that the connection will be of type ARBR (tariffs, availability and import of Reservations).

After this process, provide them with the following information:

  • The tariff plans that you have in stays and the respective number of nights (minimum stays). Ex: if you work with 06 different tariff plans throughout the seasons and events, you need there in Expedia have 06 available positions of tariff plans.
  • Information such as Derivative Prices (additional person fee), Cancellation Policies and other extra charges (ex: cleaning fee) must be configured via your Expedia page, so also communicate this information to the Expedia Team!

From there, the Expedia Team will send you an email notification that the connection is ready to be made, and in this case, just set up your channel on and follow the connection of the accommodations:

How do I set up the Expedia channel on