To start your Expedia channel setup, go to and go to [Channels & Tools> Channels> Expedia].

When you reach the channel screen, select the [Configuration] tab in the menu on the left side of the screen. From there, just fill in the requested information.

Reservation Settings

In this configuration block, you can edit points such as which currency your prices will be transmitted to the channel, who is the person responsible for the Reserves arriving through the channel and, especially, activate the Scheduler, which is the engine of your channel manager!


This is technical information regarding

When setting up your Expedia channel, activate our Support team and we'll place the credentials for you to move forward in the process.

Email Alert for Unexpected Behaviors

Our team works steadily so there are no conflicts in the connection, however, although it is a minimal risk, conflicts can occur.

Place the emails that should receive alerts on connection conflicts.

When receiving an alert, we recommend call our Support team immediately!

Once you've set up your channel on and have your lists already aligned with the Expedia team, it's time to connect your lists!

How do I connect my lists with Expedia?