Regarding Expedia, the emails will be triggered only if the reservation has the real email of the guest registered in the Reservation.

Getting the guest's email and updating their registration on your may help with your future marketing campaigns such as email triggering segmented by consumer profile or in the creation of promotional codes to guests that are loyal to your brand!

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How do guests emails get on imported reservations?

When an Expedia reservation get to your, the default procedure is that you receive an encrypted email information, like the example below:

On this model, you will not be able to send messages from Stays to the guest and it would only be possible to communicate with the guest via the Expedia platform.

This is a common practice in sales channels to inhibit hosts who try to get guests to cancel reservations on the channel so that they can book directly with the host, in order to "cheat" the reservation commission payment to Expedia. 

How can I change the guest's email to a real one?

The change must be made on the guest's registration.

Just click on the guest's name on the Reservation Page on the left side of the screen and then put the email in the E-mail section, like in the example below:

Click on the guest's name
Add the real email
Remember that it is possible to find the guests from the magnifying glass icon on the upper menu of your system as well ("Quick Search").
Just enter at least 3 letters of the name and you will have a list of accounts with the name.

Where do I set the automatic triggering of reservation emails?

The automatic email triggering for Expedia reservation can be generated from the [Channel Managers > Expediamenu.
Just go to the [Settings > Communication with Guests] tab and select the policy you want:

We recommend you to use the email communication custom by sales channel on reservations from the API Expedia partner so that your communication is aligned with the channel's communication policy.
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