Before proceeding with the registration of your amenities, it is important to understand that they will be distributed on two levels: amenities related to the address - which are amenities offered in common spaces or services in general - and amenities related to the listing - which are individual amenities in the unity.

The Stays database in relation to options follows the terms present in the sales channels that we have content connection and when putting the options, we will convert the information and send it to the channels compatible with the amenity.

When accessing your listing, on the [Content] tab you will see the space for the registration of amenities and there are two possible scenarios:

Independent ListingListing Linked to Address
On the [Content] tab you will have both the amenities of the address and of the listing to register.You must access the [Content] tab of the address configuration to register the amenities of the place and then go to the listings, also on the [Content] tab, to indicate the amenities of each listing.
At the top of the amenities list there is a sales channel filter.
This is useful to guide you on the compatibility of each item with the portals and to keep the focus to select a sufficient quantity for your listings to have a well-rated content by the sales channels integrated with Stays!

Now that you already know how to register your amenities in the listings, how about checking out other registration steps?