To manage check-in and checkout inspections on your listings, you must enable the automatic creation feature in the settings of your

After the activation, tasks will be created as the guest's arrival date approaches, typically within 14 days of the guest's arrival date.

The automatic creation trigger happens from the moment the reservation is confirmed, so this will generate a check-in and a checkout inspection task related to the reservation.

Activating automatic creation of inspection tasks

You must enable automation from the [Settings > About Operational Tasks] menu, in the [Arrivals and Departures] section.
Do not forget to save the changes made in the upper right side of the screen and, if you wish, it is possible to work with different policies per listing:

If you have different policies per listing, remember to put here the model that applies to most of your listings.
Another important detail is that the inspection task only exists with automatic creation, so if you need to use a manual model, you must create technical tasks and print the listings inventory.
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Managing creation automation per listing

After enabling the flexibility per listing in your settings, just go to the desired listing page and access the [Auxiliaries > Cleaning & Maintenance] tab, in the [Automatic Task Creation] section.
Do not forget to save the changes made at the top right of the screen:

Now that you already know how to enable the automatic creation of inspection tasks about guest arrivals and departures, how about checking out more information about this routine?