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To create a technical task, follow the steps below:

  1. Click on the [+CREATE] button located at the top menu of your;
  2. Click on the [Create Task] option;
  3. In the [WHAT IS IT ABOUT] field, select [Technical];
  4. Fill in the requested information;
  5. Save the changes made.

During the filling of the fields, it is important that you pay attention to some fields in particular:

Listing entry authorizationTo avoid uncomfortable moments with your guests, you will have a field to fill in about the listing access authorization.
This will help the task performer to know how to proceed with the tasks resolution.
Deadlines for task executionYou will be able to configure deadlines for the execution of the task, which can help in prioritizing the activities.
The [Timeframe] option relates to activities to be performed on the same day, as for [Period of Days] and [Due Date] are options aimed at longer repairs and will even give you the option of blocking the listing during the execution of the task.

When choosing to create tasks through this path, they will be found in your management panels and you will be able to set later who will be the responsible for the pendency.

If you are creating a task directed to someone or in a place different from your listings, it is possible to create tasks of the [Other] type.
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