counts on standardized email templates to help in your routine in the relationship with guests, owners and visitors of your website.

To edit the email templates of your, simply access the [Catalog > Email Templates] menu.

Upon reaching the screen, you must do the following actions:

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Step 1 - Choose the type of email and find the template

On the left side you should choose the type of e-mail template to open the template options.

After opening the list, click on the email you want to change.

Step 2 - Choose your language and edit your content

In the central part of the screen, you will have the active languages of your presented as tabs for you to click and open the content editing area.

It is important to mention that on the right side there is a list of variables to help you build dynamic texts and you can insert them by clicking on them or typing {{name of the variable}} on the text.

To insert images in your emails, they must be allocated in your Media Manager.
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Step 3 - Activate your email, save and see the final result of your edition

When you finish editing your content, at the top of the screen, check if the content is active and save the changes made.

From the [Preview] button, you can see the text with the variables already applied and, if necessary, you can send a test email to an address of your choice.

Done! Your content will already be edited and will be applied in the next email sent!

Do not forget to insert your images and files to be used for editing in the media manager!

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