When configuring your website's taxonomy, you will have some fields to fill out in order to manage which results will be visible to your page visitors.

Check out more details about each field in the screen:

ImageIt is the place to load the image that will represent the category when displayed on the website.Click on the photo space, select your photo and save the changes made!
It serves to identify the category in your taxonomy configuration panel.
This is also presented to your website visitors!
Breadcrumb titleIt serves to indicate the taxonomy level during the user's navigation in the page.
It is just an additional information.
URL partIt refers to the name that should be displayed on the page link.It is recommended to put content according to the name of your taxonomy.
It serves to be displayed as a title in the content displayed in the category page when the user logs in.
SEOYou will have the fields related to the SEO configuration for that page in question.There will be the [SEO page title], [SEO description] and [SEO keywords] fields.

Criteria for refining results

In this area you can adjust which are the products to be displayed when the user reaches the category.

You will be able to filter the results using at least one of the criteria below:

Listings FilterCriteria Description
Search query by amenitiesFrom the amenities items configured in your listings, it is possible to define the pattern of the page results!
Search query by offered amenitiesFrom the trackable inventory items on the website, you can use the item segmentation provided in the listings.
Example: jacuzzi listings.
For the item to appear in the list, it needs to have the [advanced search for guests (on the website)] option in the [Catalog > Auxiliaries > Inventory Items] menu!
Search query by roomsIt is possible to establish segments according to a certain number of rooms.
Example: 2-room listings.
Important: If you want to show listings with 1 to 3 rooms, it is necessary to mark the options "1 Room", "2 Rooms" and "3 Rooms" in the configuration.
Search query by listing locationIt is an opportunity to segment according to the location, with greater SEO appeal than the default filters from your website's booking engine.
Example: listings in Copacabana.
In this part you can filter by region, city and countries.
Search query by max occupancyThis segmentation serves to specify products by exact number of maximum people accepted.
Example: listing for 5 people.
Important: You can only mark one option in this segmentation or leave the field blank.
Search query by Multi Unit ListingThis segmentation is valid when you market many units in a given location.
Example: Resort Stays Living.
You choose one or more Multi Unit Listings and this will include all the active listings in the segmentation.
Search query by priceRefine the results according to the daily rates amount.
It is possible to establish price ranges to limit the results generated by the category.
Search query by listing groupThis segmentation has the same practical result as a highlight group, but in this case, you will have the option to work the item's SEO.
You can use the segmentation by target audience as well.
Example: "listings for adventurers".

At the end of the process, do not forget to save the changes made!