When configuring a user on Stays.net, you can set their area of activity in your business from the [Permissions] tab, [Backend Permissions] section, as shown in the example below:

Each option on the screen serves an area of operation of Stays.net, so check below the meaning of the options:

bookings/reservationsBy checking this option, it will indicate that the user will be selectable in relation to "booking settings" and other screens of this routine.SEE DETAILS
cleaningIt is this option that will make the user name selectable when delegating a cleaning task.SEE DETAILS
cashingThis task applies to users who will have cash provisioning in their daily routine.-
check-in/outIt is through this option that the user's name is available in the in/outs management panel.SEE DETAILS
maintenanceIt is an option applicable to all members who perform administrative or maintenance tasks in general. It is through this option that the user name will be available on the technical task management panel.SEE DETAILS
responsable_apartment_userIn this case, the owner can allocated as [Owner's Agent] in the lodgings and can receive orders placed through the extranet and other notifications about operational routines in the lodgings under your responsibility.SEE DETAILS

Now that the operational routines available in the settings are already listed, how about setting the users of your team?