Prerequisites to connect to Vrbo

  • Have a payment channel compatible with the dollar. We recommend Stripe, which allows for keyed-in sales and processes the payment in a few steps.

  • Fill out the descriptive content of the listings (title and brief description).

If everything is set with the prerequisites, follow the steps below.

Step 1. Activate Vrbo on the App Center

  1. Open the side menu on your system and access [App Center > Channels];
  2. Click on [Vrbo] and select [Active].
  3. Wait 1 minute and refresh the page. After that, you'll see the channel on the [Channel Managers] menu.

Step 2. Set the channel's information 

  1. Access [Channel Manager > Vrbo > Settings > Reservation];
  2. Select [USD] on the [Currency] field;
  3. Choose which card types you'll accept; 
  4. Write "Vacation Rental" on the [Rental contract] field; 
  5. Save all changes.

Step 3. Connect the listings

  1. Access [Channel Manager > Vrbo > Listings];
  2. Select each property and click on [Connect];
  3. Select each listing and click on [Connect].

By clicking on [Connect], you just send the listings to the channel - Stays can't create or connect to an existing listing, as this process is done exclusively by Vrbo.

Step 4. Create your account on Vrbo

  1. Access Vrbo USA website and create your account;
  2. Check if your currency is in dollar (USD);
  3. Click on [List your property] and follow the steps on the screen to create your first listing. It's important to let the calendar closed of this new listing, as there's a waiting time between the creation and integration with Vrbo and Stays. In this step, you should create a single listing.

Step 5. Access the integration link 

  1. Open the integration link between Vrbo and Stays;
  2. Add Stays on the [Do you currently use property management software?] screen;
  3. On the [Advertiser+ID] field, paste the ID that is on the Vrbo settings on your system. You can find it on [Vrbo > Account > Advertiser ID]. Example of an IDadvertiser_QS01HK;
  4. After entering the ID, wait 24 hours to proceed - this deadline is due to Vrbo identifies the account and authorize the listings to the connection. Keep the integration page open during this period to maintain the process;  
  5. Enter a credit card so the Vrbo commission can be automatically paid. The payment is only charged from the reservation checkout date, and the commission of the channel is of 5%;  
  6. Vrbo will email you to confirm your details and finish the integration with Stays. 
If you have any doubts, contact our support team ( or Vrbo team (