Your Google account tracking ID is the main information to put on Stays during the Google Analytics activation in our App Center.

To get this technical information from your Google account, just follow the steps below:

1Log into your Google Analytics account
Just log into your Google account that has Analytics installed and click on the link at the side to get started!OPEN ANALYTICS
2Access the [ADMINISTRATOR] tabThe option is at the bottom of the page, at the left side.
3Find the [Property] column in the center of the screen and follow the tips
In the [Property] column, click on the [Data stream] option!
Click on the desired item for more details
In your data panel, click on the little arrow of the line of your desired item to get the tracking ID!
Copy and paste your Google tracking ID
At the top right of the screen, just copy the metric ID and put the G-... in your Stays App Center!

Some of the directions (indicated between "[]") may have a different name.

Now that you know how to get your Google Analytics tracking ID, check out how to put it into your Stays App Center or see more tips on using Google Analytics in the vacation rental market: