In the Administrator version of, the financial module was developed with the main objective of helping to control the forwarding of reservations to owners, in addition to accountability.

Before proceeding with reading the usage tips, it is important that you check the features available in the financial module for the Administrator plan in the link below:


Unlike the other additional tips of our project, to reach the goal of controlling the forwarding of reservations to owners, it is necessary that you make configuration adjustments and learn some routines sequentially, so we recommend following the steps below in one or two listings to get practice.

1Configure the commission modelTo calculate the amount to be paid to owners, the first step is to configure how your commission is calculated in relation to reservations.
You will be able to configure one model per listing if needed!
Important: It is only possible to work with the overprice model if you use the advanced price configuration!
2Know the different forwarding statusesWhen you start your reservation forwarding routine, you will have different statuses about activities.
Know what a open forwarding, pending forwarding and finished forwarding mean.
3Manually forward a reservationFrom the reservation page, you can check whether the amount to be paid to the owner is valid and post credit to their balance.SEE DETAILS
4Check the owner statementsFrom the [Owner Statements] screen, you will able to filter postings by period in order to calculate the final result to be paid to owners.
Important: If you pay the owner's expenses to be refunded later, click here!
5Reset your owner statementsThe idea of [Owner Statements] is that periodically the owner's balance goes to zero, which indicates that you have paid the credits posted to the owner.
To do this, simply create an account payable from the "pay a bill on behalf of the owner" model in your accounts payable routine.
6Manage your accounts payable and receivablesIn the [Accounts Statements] panel, in addition to paying the amounts of forwarding to owners, you will be able to add other expenses of your business and check open receipts in your reservations, for example.
7Follow general data on forwarding reservationsFrom the [Reservation Center > Find Reservation] menu, you can generate a report with your past reservations and check some information there, such as the total commission you earned in the period or the total amount spent on commission for a channel, for example.SEE DETAILS
8Enable the owners' extranetAfter mastering your forwarding routine, how about providing your partners with a view of pending receipts and the listing reservation calendar?SEE DETAILS