Having configured your connection, go to your PriceLabs panel and set your minimum stays, arrival and departure restrictions and other information you prefer.

Based on this information and on market data from your region, your rates will be generated and, if you want, you can change them through PriceLabs.
After finishing your conference and changes on PriceLabs, click on [Sync Now] to send the information to Stays.net!

PriceLabs price information will be updated once a day for Stays.net!

To improve your use of PriceLabs, be sure to check out the materials provided by them on usage tips (click here for more information - in English)!

Another important point to mention is that PriceLabs allows you to configure a minimum, base and maximum price of preference, as this serves as a reference for the channel algorithm.

It is essential that you take the time to register this information on the portal, because with the PriceLabs integration, your Stays price rules will no longer be applied, so your price configuration must be centralized on PriceLabs!

By integrating with PriceLabs, you will only be able to use Stays to apply promotions in the lodging calendar. Therefore, if you want to do this, we recommend registering a minimum PriceLabs amount a little higher, so that it does not conflict with the Stays promotions area!

After performing these settings on PriceLabs, Stays.net will receive the platform prices and apply to the [Calendar List Screen].

Now that you know what you should do on PriceLabs to generate your prices, why not choose one of the options below?