The targeted payment tool is where you can customize the payment options per lodging. If owners have accounts with card payment providers or wish to provide a bank account for guests to deposit directly there, this is how we make it possible.

See below some frequently asked questions and their answers to help you use the feature:

How to activate the tool?To activate the targeted payment tool, access [App Center > Others > Payment Options per listing] and select [Active].
Important: Only do this when configuring the tool, as the marked option makes all payment channels invisible on the website if they are not linked to the owners.
How to register the payment channels?You can register the payment channels of your owners through the [Finance > Auxiliaries > Accounts & Gateways] menu.
The installation process is the same as for other channels.
How to select the payment channels compatible with the owners?From the owners panel, on the [Payment Information] tab, you can configure which payment channels are compatible with each owner of your DETAILS
How to enable the owner channels on each listing?Through the [Descriptive Content] tab of your listings, it will be possible to enable which payment channels will be made available to the guest in the website's reservation flow and in the typed sales charges in the reservations.
Screen options will be generated based on your configuration made in each owner.