After you have activated Marketplace Housi in your App Center, it is important that before proceeding with the connection you make adjustments regarding the access to your listings and your prices.

It is possible to follow two connection paths:

I want to make all listings visible for the connection with Marketplace Housi

In this case, you will choose to make all your listings visible on the API connection and, if your price correction is also applied with a pattern to all the listings, this is the best path to choose:

You will be able to set on the Marketplace Housi platform which listings will be published, so this is the quickest and easiest connection path!

I want to set which listings will be visible for the connection with Marketplace Housi

In this case, you must mark the [Yes] option in the [Is this connection managed by listing?] field and save the changes made.
In addition, if you wish, it is possible to extend that the price correction is also editable by listing.

After saving the settings, it is necessary to finish the process of choosing the connected listings and correcting prices through the [Channels & Tools > Channels > Housi] menu:

After making these adjustments, send your API credentials to the Marketplace Housi team so that the integration can be completed and schedule your onboarding meeting with the Marketplace Housi experts!

Now that you know about the App Center configuration, how about checking out more information?