By integrating your website with the Google, you will provide users with a faster option to register on the website and the option for your website users to share your listings on Google.

In the desktop version, the share button works according to the browser used.
In the mobile version, with the integration configured, the Google+ option will appear in the list as well.
In both scenarios, the user must be using the Google account logged into your website!

Furthermore, as it is an additional Google tool in your content, this may bring some indirect benefits in relation to the SEO configuration, that is, your performance in the search engines.

To have this feature on your website, follow the steps below:

1Get your Google credentialsAccess your Google account and search for your Google Secret ID and Google App ID, which will be information requested by Stays to perform the integration between the platforms in the App Center!SEE DETAILS
2Activate Google Plus in your Stays App CenterAfter getting the credentials, just apply them in your Stays App Center, in the [Others] section, [Google] option.
Do not forget to activate the integration and save the changes made!

Now that you know how to integrate your website with Google accounts, how about checking the integration process with Facebook App too?