Turbosuite is a Revenue Management Solution that lets you add a big data and AI driven service to manipulate your rates and ultimately increase your profitability. The solution can be used as self service or outsourced entirely via their Revenue Management team.

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What is Turbosuite?

It is a tool that analyzes market variables in relation to the pricing of listings automatically.

Thus, your pricing on Stays.net will be generated automatically by Turbosuite and, consequently, will be replicated to sales channels with price connection.

To check out more about this tool, click on the link below.
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How to sign up for Turbosuite?

To have access, you must register to request the demo on the Turbosuite website, filling out the personal data fields, how many units you have and what type of business you have, whether it is a hotel, vacation rental or both.

The user has 30 days of free trial access on the platform. 


How to install Turbosuite on Stays.net?

To install, the user must activate the solution in App Center Stays and provide the Turbosuite team with the API credentials to complete the connection.

Once the configuration has been carried out by the Turbosuite team, there will be a two-way integration between the platforms, with the import of prices from Turbosuite and the export of calendars from Stays to Turbosuite.

Activating Turbosuite in App Center
Find the API Credentials
Go to the App Center > Others menu and find Turbosuite, then click on Active and save the changes. Your API credentials to provide to the Turbosuite team will be in the App Config, according to the example above.

How is the connection setup in Turbosuite?

The whole process is done by the Turbosuite Team, so all you have to do is send your API credentials as indicated in the topic above and the list of listings you want to integrate into the connection.

After the onboarding process is completed, your prices will normally arrive in your Stays Calendar, as shown in the image below: