You can edit the status though the shortcut on [Listings] or on the individual page of the listing, according to the images below.

Listing page

See what each option means.

Example of use
ActiveListings with a complete registration, ready to get reservations on all sales channels.Listings ready to get reservations in general.
Active but not publicAvailable listings on the sales channels, but are not visible on your Stays system to the public. Your business is an inn, but you want to get listings from close friends and publish them only on the portals, without losing your brand identity on the website.

You will be able to present your listing (website version) to interested parties using the link on the listing preview page available in your [Listings] menu. The listing will not be available for reservations or searches by users of your website.
DraftListings in the initial phase of registration.Default status when you create a listing on Stays. Remember to activate at the end of the process.
InactiveListings that left your company's portfolio temporarily.Indicated for interrupted partnerships with owners or long-term renovations. Before changing the listing to this status, you must disconnect it from all sales channels.

In addition to the statuses presented above, you can also permanently erase your listings. In this case, change the status to [Inactive] and the delete option will appears right after.