Instant Reservation is when guests can book their listings online without the need to fill out forms or other processes that depend on the action of some intermediary.

On you can indicate what your policy is and this will affect the reservation routine of your website (from the Professional Plan on) and also sales channels such as Airbnb, TemporadaLivre and Vrbo.

What you find in this article

Checklist to start working with Instant Reservations

Working with Instant Reservations is important for your listings competitiveness, but to do this it is important that you have done some actions in your system:

Why this action?
How can I do it?
Payment Channel active on the website (not applicable to the Super Host plan)Without an active Payment Channel in your page, how can the guests finish the purchase process?
This is a really important part of the process and you can hire a channel that is compatible to (link on the side).
Set policy to expire orders with no payment This is a common practice on e-commerce and as for reservations, orders not completed by the guest will make your calendar busy with pre-reservations and this can get in the way of your sales.SEE DETAILS
Restriction to last minute reservationsSet a limit on last minute reservations made by your guests and prevent yourself from getting surprise reservations that do not give you enough time to organize.SEE DETAILS
Preparation TimeIf you need time to clear your listings between a reservation and the next one, you can set a time window or even days to avoid reservations, and this can also help you if you do not have a structure to handle larger volumes of guests yet. SEE DETAILS

Setting your standard policy for instant reservations

To start setting your standard policy on instant reservations, go to the Settings > Reservation > Instant Reservations menu and do not forget to save the changes:

Remember that this setting is only sent to Airbnb, TemporadaLivre, Vrbo and your website.
If you do not work with Instant Reservations, select "No" on the field, but this will not affect the sales channels that only works with instant reservations, such as, Expedia, Despegar, among others, so only connect to these channels if you are sure about this action.

Setting your instant reservations policy per listing

For the cases in which you have listings that are not compatible to your standard policy, you can go to the listing's page and change the policy via the [Distribution > Reservation settings] tab, by selecting the Individual option like in the example below:

If you are not sure what is your Global policy model, select the Global option and click on Preview, because that way your standard configuration will be displayed.

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