Real Estate listings on work as portfolio complement, once the main focus is on the marketing of vacation rentals, however the two areas can be interchanged, since it is a market trend for the potential buyer to stay in the place for a few days during the negotiation process.

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How to register a real estate listing?

Just go to the [Listings] menu and create a listing. On the Content > Type tab, click on the Real Estate option in the [Category] field. SEE DETAILS
What information is registered in real estate listing?

In addition to the standard vacation rental information, you can define year of renovation, units per floor and other reference information for this industry on the Content > Real Estate tab on the listing´s page.SEE DETAILS
How to register the fees and prices of a real estate listing?
Once you have indicated that your listing is also for Real Estate, you will be able register this information in [Finance > Prices for Real Estate].
How are the real estate listings presented on the website?
It is presented in an extra tab on the listing´s page on the website, and there is also the option to create a top menu to display all your portfolio items that are in this market segment.
What to do after selling a property?
Go to your listing in the [Listings] menu and disable it.
If it is in vacation rentals, do not forget to disconnect it properly from the sales channels as well!

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