Duplicating similar or identical listings is a feature present on Stays.net that aims to optimize the registration routine of your units.

When creating Multi Unit Listings and adding listings to the location, you will have this option following the path below:

  1. Go to the [Listings] menu;
  2. Click on the [By Address] tab;
  3. In the filters, select your Multi Unit Listing in the [Building] field and click on [Update];
  4. In the listing options on the right side of the screen, click on [Listings];
  5. Next to the desired listin, click on the [Add] button;
  6. Carefully read the screen options and instructions;
  7. Choose the desired option and fill in the requested information;
  8. Confirm the changes made;
  9. Check the created listing and its business status.
If you just want to register the listing based on an original listing, without linking prices or content between them, choose the [Duplicate] option.!
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