Payment link is an alternative to offer to your guests a safe environment for them to make the payment for the reservation.

The most common use of the tool is for direct sales, without the need of a sales channel or if you have a payment channel that is not compatible with the typed sales feature.

For the tool to work properly, it is essential that you have, at least, one payment channel active in your system.
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To send the payment link to your guests, just follow the steps below:

  1. Access the reservation's page;
  2. Follow the receipt posting flow, at the right bottom of the screen;
  3. Select the [Payment Link] option;
  4. Set the link value, term and payment method;
  5. Click on the [Generate Link] button.

Notice that, when generating the link, you will have three options available:

CopyYou can only copy the link to send to the guest as you prefer.
Save without sendIt is the case where the link has already been sent before to the guest, by other way, and you will be able only to save the link in the reservation page to your internal control.
Send MessageIt is the triggering of the link directly to the guest's e-mail.
After generating the link, it will be registered in the payments of the reservation and you will be able to follow its status.

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