Once you have the iCal link for your partner's calendar, follow the steps below:

  1. Access your lodging page;
  2. Click on the [Availability] tab, on the left side of the screen;
  3. Click on the [iCal] option;
  4. On the [iCals that are getting imported] area, fill in the requested information;
  5. Click on the green [+] button to complete the process.

On calendar connections involving Stays listings, only blocks and reservations will be imported.
Settings such as "preparation time", "early arrival blocks" or "late departures" for example, will not be imported in the connection.

Upon completion of this action, all bookings or spaces occupied on your partner's calendar will arrive as blocks on your Stays.net calendar.

See below some additional information about this feature:

  • iCal link error alert;
    Next to the name of the created iCal connection, Stays.net will have the  icon next to the connection.
  • Avoid placing the same iCal link in two or more listings;
    This can trigger availability conflicts in your listings.
    If this happens, Stays.net will let you know on the main panel of your platform.
  • Settings that restrict availability;
    If you are connecting your Stays.net calendar to a sales channels' iCal, it is possible that any configurations that restrict availability are also sent by the iCal and this may trigger several blockings in your Stays.net.
    In this case, the ideal action is to remove these settings from the channel, make adjustments to your Stays.net and export your Stays.net calendar to the channel, as we will also pass this information on to your channel, such as calendar blocks.
  • Who is "StaysBot"?
    StaysBot is the name given to automatic actions of Stays.net.
    This is to indicate that if the block have as its author this "user", it is very likely that the origin of the block was through iCal calendar importation.
  • Can I use iCal calendar with another Stays.net partner?
    Yes, you can use the feature with other Stays.net partners, however, you will only receive or send the calendar events as blocks.
    If you want a more complete connection, an alternative would be our Stays Alliance feature.
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