Having a chat on your Stays.net website facilitates communication with users and serves as a channel for questions for the reservation routine or call center for already allocated guests. 

To check more details about the tool, check the table below:

How to activate the chat on the website?You must activate your chat through the Stays app center.
[App Center > Others > Online chat].
How is the chat presented on the website?The chat will be available to your users in the top menu or footer of the website.
How to set who can answer to the chats?To enable your team members' access to the chat, it is necessary to enable the permissions.SEE DETAILS
How to access chat conversation history?You can access the history through the [Offers & Promotions > Sales Chat History] or [Support Chat History] menu.SEE DETAILS
How to take over a chat conversation?When your user sends a message through the website, you will receive a notification at the top of your Stays.net system. By clicking on this notification on your dashboard, you will be able to take over the chat.SEE DETAILS
How to customize the website chat?If you want to activate a chat outside your Stays.net service, you must configure it through the [Website & Template Manager > Templates > Section Templates] menu. SEE DETAILS
How to activate the chat button in the footer of my website?You can also activate the chat button in the footer of the website through the [Website & Template Manager > Website Builder] menu.SEE DETAILS
What is the difference between sales chat and support chat?The sales chat is more aimed at the service of users who are in the negotiation phase. The support chat, on the other hand, serves those who are already allocated to their listings or have completed the reservation.SEE DETAILS