To optimize your communication with the guest who browses your site, the system has a chat so that doubts are made during the Reserve process or about your overall business.Do not waste time and offer your guest another communication channel!

To enable chat on your system.

1. Access the menu << Website e Template Manager > CMS> TopMenu >>.

2. Locate the << Chat >> option and click the << Edit >> button.

3. If you wish, change the channel name by language or by the identity of your brand.

4. Check the << Visibility >> field so that the Chat menu appears on your site.

Do not forget to save changes at the end of the process!

Enable permissions for system users to reply to chat.

Once chat is enabled, you must also enable the people on your team to respond to the chat. To do this, simply follow the steps below:

1. Access << Users and Clients> Roles and Permissions >>;

2.Select the desired Function to the left side of the screen by clicking on the indicated name;

3. In the right part of the screen, locate the "Chat" permissions block and define which permissions you want to enable for users of the role:
chat.history -> Allows you to view the chat history
chat.view.agent -> Allows the user to respond to chats directed to commercial queries (referring mainly to the closing of Reservations) -> Allows the user to respond to chats for operational issues (maintenance requests or general requests from allocated guests)

4. When you check the permissions, the chat conversation answer panel will already be available in the Menu on the right side of the system screen, as shown below:


Can I send images through the chat?

No, chat is only for questions and conversations in general, not allowed images or HTML tags.

Need to be online on the system to respond to the chat?

Yes, in order for the chat to be online, you must have some system users who are able to respond to online chats. If you do not have users of this type, the chat shows a previously configured message indicating that there are no members available on the attendance team at the moment.

Can I change the messages generated by the system to the guest in the chat window?

Yes. Just go to "Manage Sites & Templates> Translations> Frontend >>. Just locate the phrase in question and edit the content according to your preferences.