"Listing groups" is a useful tool to segment your listings according to audience profiles.

From this feature you will be able to create search filters in the reservation process on the website, highlight listings on your page, create custom filters on your Stays.net administrative screens and different email content.

To check more details on the tool, check the table below:

How to create listing groups?It is possible to create listing groups via the [Catalog > Groups] menu.
It is also possible to insert it via listing page.
How can I create custom listings lists for my business' administrative routines?After you create the group you want on the [Function] field, by selecting the [System] option, you will be able to assemble preset lists of listings to search for indicators, make reservations and offers and other management actions.
Is it possible to highlight some listings on the homepage of my Stays.net website?In the group settings, on the [Function] field, by selecting the [Highlight] option, shortcuts will be created so that your guests can more directly see some of your listings.
Can I create custom filters for the guest when choosing listings?When you create a group, in the [Function] field, select the [Web page] option, and, then, you will be able to build a list of listings aimed at certain audience profiles and leverage your reservations!
Can I communicate differently according to the audience profile?You will be able to communicate in different languages through emails to guests, according to the target audience of your listings. To do that, select the option [Communication with guest] on the [Function] field of the group you have created.