The Real Estate listings have two relationships with your site, one is the standard that is integrated to the site's reservation process and the other more specific, from a menu on the website.

See more details about each one:

Standard relationship with the booking engine

If your vacation rental listing is also active in the Real Estate market, this indication is presented during the site's search and listing´s quotation process, as in the example below:

By selecting the [Real Estate] option, users will have access to the content directed to this segment, as well as the amount and additional fees.

Dedicated menu on the website

From your Site Editor, you can add a specific menu on the Real Estate segment to your website.

Go to [Menus], choose the + Menu Item option and choose the other options according to the image:

Remember that on the Link Name field, you should register information in all of the active languages to your website!
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By clicking on the menu, users will get filters and a list of all your active Real Estate listings, just like in the example below:

Regardless of the flow you choose, this screen is for getting interested people and starting negotiations with buyers, so the sending of the form through [Contact Us] by the user generates an email to your team with the user's main information. In [Email Settings], you should put the email address of the person who will receive this and other inquiries from your website!
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Now that you already know how your Real Estate listings are presented on your website, how about checking out more information on what to do after you rent one of it?