To achieve the results of this article, it is necessary that you have already performed the following actions on your

During the guest booking process, in the search result page, if you have a multistay option, it will be presented according to the model below:

By clicking on the highlighted area, the user will be redirected to the multistays offers page, which consists of 3 buttons:

  • Properties
    The user will be able to view more information about the lodgings.
  • Map
    The user will be able to visualize on the map the distance between the lodgings.
  • Contact us
    The user will have a form where it will be possible to indicate which option they liked the most.

After the guest fills out the form, you will receive a new request in your booking request manager and will be able to proceed with the creation of the reservation!

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Remember that if you have activated the feature for your internal reservation and bookings menu routine, you will also be able to generate multistays offers links for your guests!