Although your website counts on a booking engine and you have activated your ls to receive instant reservations on the website, it is possible that you have some reservations made from the contact with guests.

For these cases, there is the [Request Manager] panel that will allocate all reservation requests from your routine.

To access your reservation requests panel, access the [Offers & Promotions > Request Manager] menu.

See below some recurring questions about the panel:

How are requests generated in the screen?The requests are generated from some areas of your website as well as can be created manually by your team.
In addition, you can import possible consultations in your listings on HomeAway and affiliates.
How to find a request in the screen?You count with search filters on the left side of the screen.
This will help you when your request volume is high.
What actions can I take in a panel request?You will be able to edit the content of the request as well as delete unwanted postings.SEE DETAILS
How can I limit my team's access to the panel?You will be able to adjust the access permissions to the panel from the [Users & Clients > Roles & Permissions] menu.
This is recommended if your reservations team is made up of many members.

From the moment your requests are already distributed and adjusted, all you have to do is set up the reservation offers and send them to guests.