With the constant flow of guests in your listings and the routine of maintenance or replacement of materials, it is necessary to take some time - especially in low season - to update inventory items and listing photos according to the current situation of the place.

To help with this routine, you will be able to do the following actions on your Stays.net:

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Register the date and who made the last inventory registration

From the [Auxiliaries > Cleaning & Maintenance] tab of your listings, you will have the [Inventories and Quality Control] button, where you will be able to add the date of inventory registration or data update and who was responsible for the task:

Monitor statistics about your quality control

From the [Statistics > General Inventory Check] menu, it is possible to open a panel that displays all your listings and the date and person responsible for the last registration made in the inventory.

The listings will be sorted starting from the oldest to the newest, as this will make it easier for you to plan the quality control routine and update the most outdated inventories, in addition to having a shortcut to the listings calendar to help with the planning of tasks:

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