Email marketing is a good way to stimulate the flow of visitors to your website and, if you accept instant reservations on your page, even the conversion of reservations. will capture and organize your database during your daily routines and you will be able to generate spreadsheets with this information to use with tools aimed at marketing actions.

See below the most frequently asked questions on the subject of email marketing:

How to generate a spreadsheet with the contact list?To generate a spreadsheet with the contact list, simply access the [Users & Clients > Subscribers Export] menu and follow the screen as desired.
Important: The contact spreadsheet will only be exported to one email recipient on your team.
What spreadsheet templates will be generated?Several spreadsheet templates can be generated as desired, being more "complete" or "simple" and being grouped according to several factors. SEE DETAILS
What are the variables for the email marketing spreadsheet?During the execution of your spreadsheet, you will have access to several variables that will be used to create the necessary information fields. See the link on the side for possible variables.SEE DETAILS

Now that you already know the concepts about email marketing, check on the link below the series of automated emails from to help you in your daily routine of relationship with guests and owners.