One of the most used strategies in email marketing is the newsletter, which consists in sending emails to a certain group of contacts with similar content, being differentiated by small variables in the text. This is used on sites of several segments and, many times, we do not even realize it. To illustrate an example, follow an email of this type issued by our partner:

Definitely they are not the only partners who send us email of the type and in this article we will show you how you can get your leads to set up email actions.

There are a number of tools to trigger or manage emails but for our article we will have as base the MailChimp tool, which is widely used in the market in general and is the basis that we use to generate the contact worksheets.

How do I generate the Contact Worksheet for email marketing?

In your system, simply go to [Channels & Tools> Subscribers Export] and there you will have some template options to generate your Sheets.

Important: For security, the Spreadsheet is sent only to an e-mail recipient. Before generating it for the first time, ask our Support team to register the email that will receive the information. Typically the deadline for registering the contact is up to 24h. Once you complete this process, you will be free to generate your Spreadsheets!

Templates available from the Contact Worksheet

Contact Worksheets will be generated in a .csv file, which is widely used in data integration tools. This helps when importing your leads. We follow the base used by MailChimp, but if you use another tool without problems, this is a very common model in the market as well. As Spreadsheet generation options, you have 04 alternatives. Let's go to each one:

  1. "Full, grouped by email" option: The list is intended for advanced users in email marketing and provides a range of information that is intended to assist in targeting the messages to be triggered or the target audience for the shot. The information has as initial field the email, and in addition there are the following fields:

    Type of Information
    Column Name in Worksheet
    Email address
    First Name    
    Last Name
    Preferred Language
    It is a system user? (yes= 1, no= 0)
    Date of Lead Registration in the System
    Date of Birth
    Function in the system (Owner = landlord or Guest = client)
    Number of Reserves registered by the user in question
    Latest Check-In Date of the Reserve
    Latest Check-Out Date of the Reserve
    Check-In date of last booking request (request manager)
    Check-Out Date of the last booking request (request manager)

  2. Option "Full, grouped by name": The list follows the same model as the previous one, however instead of the email the field username is the main one. This does not affect the end result, as the username on almost all guest and owner records is their email address. Do not use this template if you have the habit of manually creating users and guests! (via the interface below):

  3. "Simple, grouped by channel" option: the list is aimed at beginners or advanced users who wish to complete the information in the other Sheets. In this list the following data are generated: name, address, telephone, e-mail and sales channel from where the registration originated. Regarding address, you can target by neighborhood, city, state, and country.

  4. "Phone numbers list" option: list directed to anyone who wants to do phone actions, such as message shots for example. It is the most basic list of all models and comes only with the name and phone. If you do not have a registered phone, the contact will not be generated in the list.


In addition to this Contact Worksheet, what can I have to help communicate with my guests or owners?
Depending on the version of your system, there is a system area called "email templates" which is a series of emails with automatic triggering or not on such issues as "check-in greetings," "Booking confirmation", "confirmation of user registration on the site", and other messages.

I found the article interesting, but I can not find an example of usefulness in my business today. What could I use that for?
Mainly the email marketing has as main uses the institutional communication of your business (ex: office exchange, new contact phone, etc) or the disclosure of offers. About bidding, depending on the version of your system, you can use it to send Promotional Codes, for example. 

When can I request to register my e-mail to receive the Contact Worksheet of my system?
Normally we receive this request when the client is in the final stage of the Implementation Project, but in case you want to advance this process, without problems ... Just ask us via with the subject "I want to register my e- mail to receive contact sheet "and your desired email address (we can only register one). In approximately 24 hours you will be able to generate your Spreadsheets.

What is the source of Spreadsheet information?
The system will collect information about the Registered Owners and Guests in their database.

In relation to the Reserve count (column "RCOUNT"), what is the calculation basis of the system to generate the number?
Reserves with status "Reserves" (Reserves confirmed) or "Agreement" (Reservations where the guest paid 100% and checked in) will be considered. Reserves with "Pre-Reserved" or "Canceled" status, for example, do not count.