This question is present in several market research forms and the main objective is to measure how your audience knows your brand.

In's case, besides your website helping you convert more direct sales, it is also possible to collect data about your leads source.

By default, comes with some of the most common options on the market, but you can create others and edit the existing ones through the following way:

  1. Access the [Catalog > Auxiliaries > Leads Source] menu;
  2. Click on the [+Source] button to create a new lead source;
  3. Fill in the requested information in the screen;
  4. Click on [Save].

See below for more details about the registration fields:

[Active] little boxDefines whether the option will be visible on your website.
Just click on the panel little box to apply the changes.
[Name] fieldIt is an internal finder that indicates the lead source.
It is not featured on the website or in other areas of your
[Text] fieldIt is the content that will be displayed on the website as a choice option.
You will be able to put content for each active language on your
[User's input] little boxBy activating the little box, you allow the guest to fill in a non-existent option.
It is applicable in cases where you want to create an alternative such as "Other. Which?".
[Partner] fieldIn this field, you will be able to relate the sources of leads to your business partners.
This is useful for cases of social networks and sales channels, for example, having a Facebook page with the button integrated to book.
In this case, the guest not only knows your brand from the channel, but also made the reservation there.

Now that you know about the creation of lead sources, be sure to check out where these options will appear!