The daily routine of reservations and other areas of the company can make it difficult for the manager to analyze the performance of their products and, often, not make the correct strategic decision. 

Based on this, our system counts on integrated statistics of listings that can help verify the performance of your listings and, thus, analyze points such as, for example, which listings you should focus your marketing actions on and also which products need to be improved or discarded from the portfolio.

To check more details about the tool, check the table below:

How to get integrated listing statistics?Through the [Statistics > Listings Statistics] menu, you will be able to generate important indicators for your routine.SEE DETAILS
What will you be able to filter before generating the listings report?To help you with your search, it is possible to apply different types of filters to generate the listings report. You can filter by period, l status, owner, and more.SEE DETAILS
How to read the report displayed on the screen?The integrated statistics panel has several important indicators for the analysis of your report, such as information about debits, credits, reviews, occupancy rate, etc.SEE DETAILS

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