In a simple way, the transfer process already starts when you receive a new Reserve on your system, and from there, another item is generated in the transfer routine list. You should have already seen how to start a Reserve Transfer and also how to make a Reserve Control, so in this article, we will clarify the status of Transfer and what they represent in the relationship with their Owners!

Status of Reserve Repasses

When receive a Reservation on your system, the Owner's Calendar is immediately blocked, in order to avoid out-of-hours personal uses and together to arrange the availability of accommodation, however, regardless of the reservation status of the comercial status of the Reserve with the guest (whether paid or not for him, for example), for the Owner it will be like Reservation to confirm, since there has not yet been confirmation of the value that he will receive on it. This is what we call Open Transfers and, in this case, you only have to start the Transfer within the system.

If you have already started the Transfer process, it becomes a pending transfer, which means that your Owner is already aware of how much he has to receive for the Reserve in question and that his credits are ready to be posted to the system. Transfer with pending status lasts from the confirmation of the value of the Transfer to the inclusion of the credits to reach the total amount that the Owner must receive on the Reserve.

Finalized Transfers consist of Reserves where the total amount of the Owner's credit over the Reserve has already been posted to the system and since then the payment has already been made or at least already informed to who is responsible for the payment . With this, in the Owner panel it will appear that the total value has already been credited.

The destination of the posted Transfers

All credit amounts posted on the Transfers, as well as expenses related to the accommodation or Reserve under the responsibility of the Owner will be allocated in the Product Accounting screen. This will be the place for you to review all of your postings to the Owner before making any payment (or charges) to the Owner.


How do I start the Reservation Transfer process in my system?

The Reservation Transfer module is integrated with the Central Reservation screens, either in the "Find Booking" option or within the Reservation Page of a particular contract. For more information, click the link below:

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How can I know in which status my transfers are?
The system will present you with some indicators within your Reservation Center, either on a label with the status of Transfers, screen buttons or even on the Reservations Page. In addition, there is a Report on your Transfers available at [Finance> Owners> Forward Report]. To know more information, click the link below:
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Can I cancel the credits posted to the system?

Yes. If you started the Transfer and have not yet credited to the Owner, you can use the "Close" button inside the "details" screen on the Transfer.

If you have already launched the credits, do not worry. You can undo the posting on the Product Accounting screen. Just click the X button next to the postings. This will be available until you post the Accounts Payable or include in an Owner Balance.