When making your Reservation's Forward routine, automatically or manually, the status about this can be:

Forward Status
What does it mean?
Open (Non-Forwarded)

Regardless of whether the reservation was confirmed or not by the guest, in case your Forward routine hasn't started, in the Owner's Calendar the period reserved will only be a block and will not have any kind of information such as, for example, the credit they have to receive.
Reservations with this forward status still need that you confirm the value to be paid to the Owner.

Pending (Pending Payments)

Indicates that at least the credit to the Owner was confirmed and still needs to be registered the total amount of this credit in the Forward routine.

In the Owners' Calendar, they will be able to see the reservation confirmed and the total amount that they will receive.
The reservation will remain with the forward in this status from the moment that there was the credit confirmation until the values registration that will totalize the Owner's credit.

Finished (Forwarded)

The forward get to these status when the Owner's total credit amount was registered in the system, either in a single amount or in installments.
To the Owners, in their Calendar, the reservation will be in the color green and there will be the indication that all the amount was confirmed.
It is important to pay attention on passing the payment order to your finance department!

You will be able to filter your reservations according to the Forward status from the [Reservation Center > Find Reservation] screen.
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Remember that from the moment that your Forward is in the Pending status, the credit entries to the Owner will be manageable in the [Finance > Owner's Statements] menu.